thorn brewing barrel aged beers

Barrel-Aged Beers

Beer Information | 07.20.2018

Barrel-aged beers are all over the craft beer scene and with good reason. Delicious, deep, and dark, just like your secrets, barrel-aged beers are a lovely addition to any brewery’s portfolio. They definitely aren’t for everyone, however. Someone looking for a light, refreshing, hoppy beverage isn’t going to find those characteristics in a barrel-aged beer,Read More

thorn tribe challenge

Let the Games Begin: Thorn Tribe Challenge 2018

Thorn Street Brewery Fun | 07.03.2018

Get ready for the most exciting event of the summer…the Thorn Tribe Challenge! The Thorn Tribe Challenge is a 2-month long challenge where people complete any number of hilarious beer-related tasks and compete to win rad prizes! In previous years, this has been an internal competition with our staff but this year we thought weRead More


British Backlash: Beavertown Sells Minority Stake to Heineken

Beer News | 06.22.2018

While most American beer consumers probably haven’t heard of the British craft brewery, Beavertown, it’s a beloved brand across the pond. It was, at least, until the predictable backlash started after a recent announcement by founder and CEO, Logan Plant. Plant is the son of Robert Plant of Led Zepplin fame and his brewery, Beavertown,Read More

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Craft Beer Trends to Kick Off the Summer

Beer News | 06.15.2018

Recently, DSM, a health and wellness company, conducted a study of more than 3,300 beer consumers from 7 different countries in North America and Europe and asked them questions about craft beer. While statistics and studies need to be taken with a grain of salt, they can help identify broader trends in a market, including craftRead More