An Afternoon Delight with Prepkitchen

Events | 03.16.2016

Little Italy is a historic, San Diego neighborhood famous for its delicious Italian cuisine, fine art galleries and boho-chic shops. There is a plethora of fabulous restaurants in this culinarily-focused neighborhood, and we were incredibly lucky to collaborate with Prepkitchen, one of the few non-Italian restaurants in the district and a stand-out spot for artisanal,Read More

SD Beer Forum ~ Part 2: The Real Issue with “Selling Out”

Beer News | 03.11.2016

There was so much to discuss after this past weekend’s San Diego Beer Forum that we had to split our blog post into two parts. Part one touched on issues like, what does it mean to be “craft?” and transparency in labels/ownership of breweries. This brings us to the question, why is transparency important? Does itRead More

SD Beer Forum ~ Part 1: What is Craft?

Beer Information | 03.09.2016

On a recent Sunday afternoon, San Diego beer brewers, workers and advocates crowded into the East Village’s Mission Brewery to talk about beer, buy-outs and what makes a craft beer, “craft.” This meeting was the brainchild of Monkey Paw brewer and beer-buyer, Cosimo Sorrentino.  He recently engaged in a long conversation with Greg Peters, a brewer/managerRead More

Best Bets for San Diego Burger Week

Events | 03.04.2016

Calling all burger lovers! If you are a burger aficionado, then this is your week here in San Diego. March 3rd-12th is San Diego City Beat’s Burger Week, where more than 50 restaurants and bars are offering up their best burgers for only $5! Additionally, restaurants offer a burger combo (add a beer or friesRead More