The Real MVPs at Thorn Street Brewery

Thorn Street Brewery Fun | 03.02.2016

Pups are some of the best drinking buddies around…you don’t have to buy them beer, they don’t get drunk and emotional, they are way cuter than most drinking companions and they literally have nothing better to do than hang with you and keep you company while you enjoy a cold beer. Dogs are not onlyRead More

Craft Beer 101: Stout vs. Porter

Beer Information | 02.26.2016

Here at Thorn Street Brewery, we are often asked about the differences between stouts and porters. While the answer is relatively simple, the history of how porters became stouts is much more complex. To start things off, all stouts are porters, but not all porters are stouts. Let’s take it back to the late 18thRead More

Baja Bound: Craft Beer Across the Border

Beer Information | 02.24.2016

With San Diego sitting atop the craft beer throne (Sorry, Portland), it’s not surprising that our dear friends across the border have also been brewing up their own delicious, craft beer. That’s right, Tijuana is in the middle of a craft beer and gastronomic boom. TJ has long been known for being the place forRead More

Strange Bedfellows: Surprising Food and Beer Pairings

Beer Information | 02.20.2016

It goes without saying that beer is the perfect accompaniment to nearly any salty and rich food, from pizza, to burgers, to smoked BBQ. Because of the growing popularity of craft beer, there are now more styles of beer than ever for people to choose from, opening up a whole new world of flavors withRead More