Help a Hipster Program: Making a Difference One Beer at a Time


Recently, The Harris Poll conducted a survey of beer drinkers that has rocked the craft beer world. Not only did they find out that craft beer drinkers led healthier lifestyles than macro beer consumers, but to the shock of the craft beer community it was found that nearly half (47%) of all craft beer drinkers only drink beer on the weekends.

You are probably as shocked as we were to uncover this damning trend. How can true craft beer fans only imbibe two days out of the week when there are five other days to drink the delicious elixir? Luckily, there is a new program out there for hipster craft beer lovers that helps them get over their fear of drinking beer during the week.

The “Help a Hipster” program was started right here at Thorn Street Brewery and will, we assume, be rolling out nationwide later this summer. The program is really simple. You think about which bar or brewery you want to go to on a Sunday through Thursday night, and you invite at least one craft beer loving friend to go along with you. Don’t take no for an answer! Many times consumers will come up with excuses like, “I have to work tomorrow,” or “I don’t have any money to spend on beer,” or “My sponsor might call.” These are all excuses that they have learned to live with because of their fear of drinking during the week.

Don’t let fear run your friends’ lives! It’s a lot like the “See Something, Say Something” campaign. If you are seeing a hipster sitting alone in a coffee shop reading “The Birth of Tragedy” for the 4th time, it’s your duty as an avid craft beer fan to save them from a beer-free week and invite them out for a beer.

“It was Tuesday and I wasn’t even thinking about getting a beer,” Forrest from Golden Hill said recently. “But then this guy walked up to me while I was whittling this bottle opener out of repurposed Ivory and asked me to go and grab a brew with him. I was at first shocked but then realized that drinking on a Tuesday makes a lot of sense.”


The benefits to drinking during the week are many. Easy to get tables at your favorite bar, no lines to deal with and daily imbibing keeps you in beer-drinking shape and ready for the weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there today and Help a Hipster and save people from a beer-free week!

By Ralph


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