Making Beer Dreams Come True: What’s On Draft Season Two


Some say that craft beer takes itself too seriously. The stereotype of bearded hipsters solemnly sipping on barrel aged Imperial Stout while quietly discussing its merits and follies is one that has fully permeated the craft beer industry. Luckily, there are two beer dudes who are are not only serious about the craft but are serious about having a great time too.

Tom Keliinoi and Aaron Mayer are two best friends who also love craft beer. Tom is a native San Diegan who worked for years in the entertainment industry in L.A. before moving back to San Diego and working for Acoustic Ales, where his bestie, Aaron, is head brewer.  They began working on their idea for a web series devoted to the love of craft beer which became, What’s On Draft.

What’s On Draft Season One brings viewers behind the scenes in some of San Diego’s hottest craft breweries. Tom and Aaron filmed segments with brewers and industry insiders talking about the beer, the brewery’s story as well as tastings of specific beers from the brewery. They take viewers behind the scenes and show parts of breweries that most patrons rarely see.

One of my favorite segments is at Alpine Beer Company. Tucked up in the mountains, an hour’s drive East of San Diego proper, Alpine Beer Co. makes some of the best beer in San Diego. Learning more about how this brewery operates as well as hearing funny insider stories makes for a highly enjoyable viewing that gives watchers a never before seen perspective on this small but influential brewery.

They also showcase some hilarious and topical short films like, Beards of Love, a satirical look at the ubiquity of beards in the brewing industry.

The cool thing about What’s On Draft is that these guys not only want to talk about craft beer, but they know the industry inside and out. That means that they know the right questions to ask in an interview, they are respected by brewery insiders and they understand the craft beer industry as a whole. But they aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves and craft beer, making their film shorts the perfect antidote to the perception that craft beer takes itself too seriously.

Now, Tom and Aaron are looking for funding for their second season and have a Kickstarter campaign up and running. They need your help to make the second season a reality and that means donating even a few $$ to their campaign. There are some really cool rewards set up for backers, so head over to their Kickstarter page and take a look.

On Saturday, June 25th, at 3 pm we will be holding a Viewing Party for What’s on Draft here at TSB. They will be showing segments and clips from their first season, holding a raffle with awesome prizes and hanging out, sharing a beer with you! We couldn’t be happier to support such a noble (and maybe a little self serving) cause so we hope you will join us to help them reach their goal and put out more craft beer videos.

For more information head on over to their Kickstarter page or their website!

Anna Brigham


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