Thorn Street Series

Brother Scotty’s IIPA

Triple IPA - 11.0% ABV

When Thorn Street Brewery’s first head brewer, Scotty Kaplan, retired his boots to pursue his surfboard-shaping career, we wanted to make a beer in his honor. Brewed every Spring, this huge triple IPA is the defending champ of the preeminent IIIPA competition that was once held here in San Diego.

Flavor Profile: An exceedingly drinkable 11% IPA. Not too boozy, not too sweet, with flavors of citrus, pine, and mango working together to create an impressively balanced triple IPA.

March Release




Golden Hills Pils

Pilsner - 6.0% ABV

One of the first beers brewed at Thorn Street Brewery, Golden Hills Pils uses Continental Pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops to create an authentic, locally made version of this traditional beer style, first brewed in 1842 in the Czech Republic.

Flavor Profile: Straw in color, rich and malty in flavor, with an exceptionally smooth finish.

June Release 




Encore Rock The Pale

Pale Ale - 6.0% ABV

Rock the Pale Ale, originally called North Park Pale, was first brewed at Thorn Street Brewery in 2013. We brought this fan-favorite back for a double dry-hopped Encore Edition to celebrate our roots while also giving it an amped-up, 2022 twist.

Flavor Profile: Cascading flavors of citrus and pine hit up front with a light malt background and smooth finish
September Release 


Coconut Porter - 6.5% ABV

Using 50 lbs of toasted coconut in each batch, this deep, dark porter is brimming with intense roasted flavor. It was first brewed at Thorn Street Brewery as Castaway Coconut Porter and was truly a labor of love because brewers had to hand-toast all the coconut in a small oven, though it did fill the brewery with a most heavenly scent.

Flavor Profile: Intense flavors of roasted coffee and toasted biscuits are rounded out by the subtle sweetness of the coconut in this dark porter.
December Release