Craft Beers San Diego

Craft beer has a very rich history dating back many years. Here at Thorn Brewing we take pride in this tradition.

The Reinheitsgebot was a Bavarian beer purity law passed in 1516 stating that no brewer shall use anything other than water, barley, hops, and yeast in their beer. While we don’t like to limit ourselves to obeying a 500-year-old German law, we do respect the spirit of the law by using only pure, natural ingredients. It’s our new Reinheitsgebot and it’s our pledge to San Diego.



7.2% ABV

With a focus on flavor & aroma instead of just intense bitterness, Relay IPA will produce flavors of pine, passion fruit, tangerine, mango & pineapple. Using Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, Centennial & Amarillo hops.

Barrio Lager

Baja-Style Lager

4.5% ABV

Our take on this classic is made from both Domestic 2 row barley and flaked Maize. It’s not at all hoppy or bitter, just smooth and drinkable.



5.3% ABV

A sessionable classic American Pale Ale that strikes a balance between its 2-row barley & caramel malts with the bitterness of the super high alpha acid Warrior hop. Late addition of Cascade & an additional Cascade dry hop rounds it out very nicely.

Stickey Henderson


7.0% ABV

Just as the season’s change, so does our beer. Our rotating Essential Series IPA is officially changed out from Gutter Clown to Stickey Henderson! 7% ABV, brewed with Mosaic, Columbus and Simcoe — Super dank and super sticky. Stickey Henderson, now on draft at both tasting rooms and coming to a bar, restaurant, or liquor store near you!

What's on Tap

9% ABV | 65 IBU
Imperial Red Ale

2016 World Beer Cup silver medal winner in the Imperial Red Category (as December Nights)
A big, bold Imperial Red Ale hopped w/ Cascade, Citra and Mosaic to give a citrus burst that compliments the sweet and bold malt background. This is highlighted by a healthy dollop of dark Belgian candy syrup and molasses.

Coconut Porter

This robust porter tastes like a fresh macaroon dipped in a delicious malty beer. The base recipe is a smooth, strong porter with plenty of chocolate overtones. Organic coconut is oven-roasted and steeped in the finished beer.

Abbey Wall
7.1% ABV
Belgian Dubbel

Made with authentic Belgian Pilsner malt & dark Belgian candy syrup, which reduces the residual sweetness while lending a flavor of raisins & caramelized plums, not bitter or hoppy, but balanced between a rich malt background & a complex hop flavor.

Chewbocka Doppelbocka
8.7% ABV

A rich malt flavor pervades the beer with a hint of chocolate and coffee roast. There is a just a bit of hop bitterness, but not nearly enough to overwhelm the rich malt flavor.

Hipsters Wit
5.0% ABV
Belgian-Style Wit

This Witbier pours a straw color and provides an aroma of rising dough and coriander. The mouthfeel is smooth and it finishes a little dry with a tart, coriander flavor. Very Sessionable

Far Far Away
6.6% ABV
West Coast IPA

Galaxy and Simcoe hops provide a beautiful flavor and aroma combo. Tropical notes like passion fruit come from the Australian variety Galaxy hops while additional citrus, pine, and ‘dank’ overtones come from the Simcoe strain.

Got Nelson?
7.2% ABV
West Coast Style IPA

This West Coast IPA is single hopped with New Zealand’s famous Nelson Sauvin hop. Hop flavors of blackberry and Sauvignon Blanc grapes are so beautiful, they can stand alone.

6.6% ABV

A traditional style Bavarian strong amber lager, our version uses european vienna malt, an amber pilsner malt and caramunich, a dark roasted German caramel malt. The sweetness of the malt is balanced off by some floral noble hops (Hallertauer, Tettnanger) for a very clean and easy drink.

5.9% ABV
Coffee Stout

We went across the street to Santos Coffee House to pick up some fresh roasted, Chocolate Macadamia Cream Nut coffee beans. We then cold pressed them & added the extract to Oatmeal Stout.

Smuggler’s Cove
5.6% ABV
Agave Amber Ale

This rich amber ale has a variety of crystal & chocolate malts added to the mash for a complex malt profile consisting of nuts, chocolate & charred caramel. Raw organic agave syrup introduced during the boil for dryness and a blend of Cascade & Centenniel finishing hops for an aroma of citrus, fruit & pine.

Sticky Henderson
6.9% ABV
Dank West Coast IPA

Dank Columbus hops blend with Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, and Amarillo in our newest rotating IPA. Dank, tropical and super sticky.

Tropic Daze IPA
7% ABV

Four fruit forward hops are used to create this distinctly tropical, hoppy brew. Mosaic, Galaxy, Citra, and Amarillo combine for flavors of mango, passion fruit, melons, and guava.

5.5% ABV
Chile Infused Pale Ale

Hoppy pale ale brewed with Serrano and Jalapeno chiles

Dark Tsar
10.9% ABV
Russian Imperial Stout

A deep caramel head, with malt notes of toasted raisins, molasses, chocolate, & roasted coffee. There are subtle hop notes of pine & citrus although it is hard to detect sometimes through all that malt!

9.7% ABV
Belgian Golden Strong ALE

The bigger brother of Foreplay, you get flavors of pear, apple & clover honey mingle with spiced pepper & coriander notes. We use Saaz hops from the Czech Republic with pilsner & specialty malts imported from Belgium plus a little sugar in the boil to create a dry finish.

Golden Hills Pils
5.6% ABV
Bohemian Pilsner

Very palatable and relatively high bitterness for a Pilsner, this clean and refreshing 100% Pilsner malt lager has a generous amount of Saaz hops which provides a spicy yet floral finish.

Hopster Pot
7.0% ABV
New England-Style IPA

Hopster Pot is everything you are looking for in a New England-style India Pale Ale…hazy, raw, tropical, and oh so juicy! Our brewers hand-select the hop varieties for each batch based on flavor and aroma. Visit to see what hops are in your brew.

Mob Barley
10.5% ABV
Barley Wine

Finished with centennial and chinook and Fermented with two yeast strains, our Ameri-English hybrid barleywine offers tastes of toast, figs and caramel for a deceiving 10.5% ABV.

Mystic Gnome
6.8% ABV
India Pale Ale

A generous amount of white wheat malt gives the beer a hearty white bread body and a yellow hue, while a hope combination of Motueka, Equinox & Centennial add a lemon-citrus aroma and flavor.

Red Headed Hop Child
6.8% ABV
West Coast Red IPA

This west coast style is a complex blend of rich toasted malts whos sweetness pairs well with the citrus, pine & tropical notes from the Centennial and Simcoe hops.

6.8% ABV
Cascadian Rye IPA

This “West Coast Porter” pours a deep, dark ruby color due to the roasted specialty grains, which also lend both aroma and flavors of medium roast coffee and semi-sweet chocolate. The hop profile consists of Cascade, Centennial & Simcoe to add citrus and pine aromas and flavors, and we dry hop with Chinook to tie together the pine & citrus of the other hops with the light peppery flavor brought about by the rye.

Abbey Roof
Abbey Quad

The bigger brother to the Abbey Wall, this beer is higher in alcohol, with a higher amount of specialty malt and dark candy syrup. Huge flavors of Rum, Raisin, and Coriander.

5.5% ABV
English Pale Ale

An English style ale brewed with Crisp Marris Otter English pale malt with a blend of caramel malts & oats to provide hints of toasted bread, nuts, caramel, raisins and toffee. The British Ale yeast adds a light fruitiness and East Kent Golding hops to give it a distinct floral aroma.

Farmers Only
6.1% ABV

Rye Trois
6.2% ABV
Hazy hoppy Ale fermented w/ sach trois

5.2% ABV
Dunkel Weisse

Bad Moon Weizen
5.6% ABV
German Hefeweizen

The Menace DIPA
Double IPA

This hop monster is packed with huge tropical notes and flavors of citrus, pine and passion fruit mingle on the tongue with a touch of caramel malt. The relatively dry finish makes the beer crisp. The beer is dry hopped twice with about double the hops of our Relay IPA.