We are thrilled to announce the release of the newest beer in our Shades of Haze Series which features local artists’ artwork on our cans. For this beer, Healing Earth Hazy IPA, artist Gabriel Romo, who goes by the handle of 2hermano, created a gorgeous piece that perfectly encapsulates the beer. Keep reading to learn more not only about his artistic roots but also his process and where you can find more of his artwork. 

1.  Tell us a little bit about how you got your start as an artist:

I didn’t start my journey as an artist. For most of my life, I was firmly rooted in the corporate world, using predominantly the logical, analytical side of my brain. However, as I approached my early thirties, I began to question the purpose of my existence and the path I was on.

Everything changed during a trip to Costa Rica with some co-workers. It was there that I had a transformative encounter with a clairvoyant woman who seemingly possessed knowledge about me that should have been impossible for her to know. She conveyed a message from my spirit guide, reassuring me that my questions had been heard and that answers were on their way. This encounter was profoundly impactful and shifted my entire perspective on life.

Upon returning to the United States, I made a significant decision: I chose not to return to the corporate world. The very next month, I had an inspiration to create a painting for my girlfriend, replicating something I had recently learned to make using Photoshop. That moment marked the beginning of my artistic journey, and I’ve been immersed in the world of painting ever since.

2. Tell us about the style of art that you create:

“I refer to my artistic style as ‘Psychedelic Indigenous Futurism’ or ‘Neo-Indigenous Sci-Fi.’ It’s a fusion of ancient history and a distant future, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of pre-Hispanic indigenous pantheons. My aim is not to academically replicate indigenous narratives but rather to overlay a world that pays deep respect and homage to ancient traditions while weaving tales that revolve around concepts like meditation, shamanic healing, and fantasy. Within this framework, I incorporate abstract elements that add a unique flavor to the world I create.”  It’s important to me to pay homage to my grandfather who was Raramuri (Tarahumara), from Chihuahua, Mexico.

3. What or who has been your biggest influence, artistically?

My artistic influences span a diverse range, with a significant impact from the world of low-brow art, street artists, and graffiti writers. Among contemporary artists, I greatly admire the work of Oliver Vernon, who has left a profound mark on my creative journey. Additionally, I hold a deep appreciation for the late Mexican muralist Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, who, in my view, stands as one of the most exceptional and yet relatively less recognized figures among the renowned Mexican muralists.

4. Tell us about the Barrio Logan art scene:

The Barrio Logan art scene is a diverse array of artistic expressions, each offering its own unique flavor. This community holds a deep reverence for the mural tradition, as well as the distinctive Chicano style that has its roots here and has contributed significantly to its evolution. What sets Barrio Logan apart, and what I personally value greatly, is the strong sense of camaraderie among artists and the profound respect we have for each other’s work. It’s unlike any other art scene I’ve encountered, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment that makes it special.

5.  Can you explain how you came up with the piece you created for the Thorn beer can?

The creation of the piece for the Thorn beer can was a collaborative effort that unfolded during a live painting session at a three-day festival in Sacramento back in 2017. This large-scale artwork measured 8 feet by 8 feet and was executed using a combination of acrylic and aerosol on wood.

I had the privilege of collaborating with another talented artist for one day during this event, and the final design bears the creative input of both of us. As we worked, the piece organically took on the form of a mandala, a symbol rich in spiritual and cultural significance.

Our shared intention while working on this piece was to send out positive vibes and create what we fondly referred to as an ‘Earth Prayer’ through our art. It was a powerful and meaningful artistic journey that ultimately led to the creation of the artwork.

6.  Where can people find your artwork available?