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Our New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. When everyone resolves to hit they gym, make more time for family, travel more…basically do all the crap that you have put off the entire year. While getting healthy, losing weight and finally cleaning out your garage area all noble goals, we have a few of our own new year’s resolutions to share with you all.

1. Barrio Will Open


Our Barrio Logan facility and tasting room is on track to be opened by April 2017! The production part will be ready to go a few months before that so we can get the new brewing system working and calibrated. The new building is huge, housing a 50-barrel system, a canning line, a tasting room and will also house the TSB offices and San Diego Taxman offices. We look forward to becoming as much a part of the historic and artistic, Barrio Logan community as we are part of our warm and cozy, North Park community. Get ready for an opening party to end all opening parties as this long-awaited, next step for Thorn Street is definitely something to be celebrated.

2. TSB Coming in Cans

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With the completion of our Barrio Logan location, in 2017 we resolve to get Thorn Street Brewery cans into liquor stores, craft beer stores and beyond. Right now, if you are craving a frosty Relay IPA, you have to come to the brewery or find one of the many bars and restaurants around San Diego that pour our beer. If you happen to be outside of the San Diego area then you are SOL.

In a few months, you will be able to grab a six pack of TSB cans and head off on your way, making an even easier way to share the TSB love with your friends. Furthermore, we will be partnering with a 3rd party distributor in the coming months to help get our beer to more people as well as expand to outside of San Diego county. We chose to use cans because it’s better for the beer, better for the environment, and easier for you to take anywhere. Look for cans of Relay IPA, Foreplay Belgian Blonde, Thorn Street Pale Ale and Cocomotive Coconut Porter to be coming to a store near you.

3. More New Brews

We love experimenting with new beer styles and recipes. In 2017, we resolve to keep pushing the experimental envelope while still making really delicious beer. Coming up on the TSB beer horizon is a Chocolate Milk Stout, a Cream Ale that may or may not have ginger, a Rye Irish IPA and a Zwickelbier, an unfiltered German-style lager that rarely sees the light of day outside of Germany. Once our Barrio Logan facility is up and running, we will be able to experiment even more when our 7 barrel and two, 1 barrel systems are freed from the grind of producing most of the beers we put out. Barrio will be brewing all the big beers and North Park will be ready to brew anything our talented brewers’ hearts’ desire.

4. More Awesome Collabs


The San Diego craft beer community is really special to be part of because of the camaraderie and inclusiveness. Here at TSB, we try really hard to embody that ideal and are always working together with other breweries to create some truly, tasty beverages. We love to collaborate with young breweries, like 3 Punk Ales, which will be opening their tasting room in a couple months, to San Diego beer royalty like Pizza Port (look out for the Pizza Port/TSB  Hazy IPA coming soon…). In the new year, expect lots more collaborations including an upcoming one with Alpine Beer Co.

5. More Kick-Ass Videos

This past year we put out some (what we hoped were) funny videos to promote our core beers. We tapped the very talented and funny, Tom Kelliioni, from What’s on Draft to help us and what came out were three ridiculous videos showcasing some of our flagship beers. The response has been amazing and we are excited and gratified that people are connecting with us through these absurd videos. Look for more to come from TSB and “Hollywood Tom,” including one for Cocomotive, our coconut porter. Check out all of our videos here…

So here’s to a prosperous and delicious new-beer-year! Thank you for spending 2016 with us and we can’t wait to share all the fun and exciting new changes that are coming our way in 2017!


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