Get ready for the most exciting event of the summer…the Thorn Tribe Challenge! The Thorn Tribe Challenge is a 2-month long challenge where people complete any number of hilarious beer-related tasks and compete to win rad prizes! In previous years, this has been an internal competition with our staff but this year we thought we would change it up and let you join in on the fun. For the next two months, you can play along and compete for exciting prizes too!

The challenge not only brought our staff together and created a great sense of team unity but it also pushed us to get out and about in San Diego and take advantage of all the cool things in and around our city. Take a look at some of the previous tasks we had to complete…

Thorn Tribe Challenge 2018


1) You must capture (picture or video) your challenge and post on Instagram using #ThornTribeChallenge in order for it to count. Also, there needs to be some sort of Thorn gear/swag/branded item in the pic to qualify (or could be taken in one of our tasting rooms, location tagged).

4) All pictures/videos need to be original content for this contest. No re-posting/using old pictures.

5) You can only get points for each challenge once (unless noted*).

6) Prize: Brewery Pub Crawl for you and five of your friends starting at Thorn NP and ending at Thorn Barrio Logan. Visiting 6 restaurant bars/breweries and at the end you get to name a new Thorn Beer! All drinks and lunch included. Tour led by Thorn VIPs Dennis O’Connor and Boston Tom! 

7) Challenge runs from July 1 – Aug 1. With winners getting picked at the end of July AND the end of August!







  • Attend Thorn Outside Event at local bar/restaurant (5 points each time – unlimited)
  • Get a picture with someone in ‘Uniform’ (trade hats for extra 5 points)
  • Post a photo of a friend overseas repping thorn gear
  • Thorn in a classified ad
  • Make a short song about Ralph the Raccoon and sing it
  • Do a beer shot with someone over 70 years old in either tasting room
  • Throw a BBQ at Your house with Thorn beer
  • Sneak beer into a movie theater or Drive-in
  • Get top 3 score at any game at Coin-Op or H&A and enter initials TSB
  • Attend Trivia or Loteria in Thorn Barrio Logan
  • Ride a Penny Farthing in a Raccoon Costume
  • Get 5+ dogs in one picture at tasting room.
  • Drink Thorn in another country
  • Go sightseeing at La Jolla Underwater Park in Thorn gear (extra 5 pts if underwater)
  • Drink a Red Headed Hop Child with redhead in tasting room
  • Drink a Got Nelson? IPA with someone named Nelson (show picture ID in pic)
  • Drink a Dank Rizzo IPA with someone with dreads in the tasting room
  • Drink a Farmer’s Only Saison in tasting room dressed like a farmer in overalls
  • Paint your nails like a Raccoon
  • Floss dance in front of a Dentist Office in Thorn gear
  • Drink a Barrio Lager in Baja


  • Cliff jump in Thorn Gear into ocean
  • Play a game of disc golf at Morley Field
  • Get Thorn mentioned in a news article
  • Get Thorn on a podcast or radio station
  • Get a priest or nun to say “Jesus loves Thorn”
  • Get a picture of a band member rocking Thorn schwag at a show/concert on stage
  • Surf (or attempt to surf) a wave with a Thorn beer in hand
  • Donate blood in Thorn gear
  • Dress up as Ralph and do Karaoke
  • Picture of you in lowrider drinking Barrio Lager
  • Enjoy a Hopster Pot Hazy IPA while eating lobster
  • Put up a Tinder/dating profile and use at least 5 of our beer names in your bio
  • Get a picture with a real raccoon
  • Get a picture with a Zonky in TJ
  • Hula Hoop while drinking a Thorn beer
  • Create a recipe using Thorn beer – video tutorial
  • Compose a rock song about Thorn while drinking Rock The Pale and playing an instrument
  • Ride your bike from North Park to Barrio Tasting room (or vice versa). Pic at start and finish
  • Dress up the OB Lifeguard statues in Thorn Gear
  • Chinese fire drill, everyone dressed as raccoons
  • Make your own Thorn cup pint of recycled material and bring to the brewery for a beer. Must have hand drawn/painted thorn logo
  • Hop-on-hop-off trolley wearing raccoon costume
  • Pick your own strawberries at Carlsbad Strawberry Company in Raccoon costume
  • Go to a Padre’s game in Thorn gear and drink Thorn beer where we are on tap. (or smuggle in your own cans)
  • Sneak Essential IPA Can into Del Mar Races


  • Photobomb a live TV broadcast pointing at your Thorn hat
  • Get a mariachi band to sing a song about Thorn
  • Make a ThornTron Suit
  • Get a piggyback ride from someone with a Face Tattoo
  • Build a Thorn Can Throne (able to be moved/used for future events)
  • Get on a Jumbotron in Thorn gear
  • Dress up the Cardiff Kook in Thorn Gear
  • Go parasailing wearing Thorn gear
  • Ride the Belmont Park roller coaster in Ralph costume
  • Mission Hills ghost tour in raccoon costume
  • Run a 5k race in raccoon costume
  • Visit Blacks Beach wearing raccoon mask only
  • Shave Thorn logo into your hair


  • Get Thorn tattoo (logo/raccoon counts)
  • Get on Price is Right (some branding makes cut, ralph head counts)

So what are you waiting for! Get in on the fun and join the #ThornTribeChallenge this summer! For more info and to stay updated and see all the pics posted over the summer,  go to the Thorn Tribe Challenge Page!