La Jolla just got a dose of summer…Opening this weekend is the newest beach hangout on the block, ShoreRider. This laid-back eatery sits just a couple of blocks from La Jolla Shores, features a sun-soaked patio and offers wine, craft beer and SoCal inspired beach fare. The vibe ShoreRider gives off is simple…everyday feels like summer.


Owners, Darren and Lauren Moore (from Confidential, Lincoln Room, Alibi Mission Gorge and La Puerta) and Dennis O’Connor (from Thorn Street Brewery and Home & Away) bring years of combined experience to this new project and recently answered some burning questions about their new spot.


What was the concept behind ShoreRider?

Dennis, Darren & Lauren – The concept behind ShoreRider is to be an extension of the beach – casual and fun, where life is simple. We want people to bring their friends & family and have a day at the beach with us. Great food, cold beers, delicious wine, sangria, poke, local fish, a top-notch burger, and the list goes on. We do have a strict dress code though…you have to wear a smile.


What would you say is the design aesthetic of ShoreRider?

Dennis – I like to say “Paul Pinterest” designs all of my spaces. Thorn St, H&A, and the Rider are all born from a great team and ongoing collaboration efforts. No plan except an open mind, hard work and thorough execution. I think you need to start with a blank canvas and chip away at details as you go. Let the space speak to you. 


What drew you to La Jolla Shores?

Darren & Lauren – La Jolla Shores is beautiful.  The soul of La Jolla resides here. The people are amazing and the opportunity to be right off of the beach is great. We look forward to helping spread the word about the gem that is The Shores. We hope ShoreRider can bring some character and a unique element to the community here.


Dennis – I was born and raised in San Diego and spent a lot of time at the Shores. My dad, Patrick O’Connor, is a retired lifeguard and that was his beach from ’69 – ’77. I learned how to surf at The Shores as a kid, and this beach and the cove go back as far as my memories do. When the opportunity presented itself, the only answer was “f*ck ya!”


What do you want ShoreRider to be known for?

Dennis, Darren & Lauren – The most fun place in La Jolla Shores! ShoreRider is a community sandbox. Locals gets to enjoy their home with everyday pricing and tourists get a taste of what San Diego is really all about. We also want to thank our all-star friends/crew who helped bring ShoreRider to life:

Brittany Lang – BL Design

Pat Wilkening – RedCraft Customs –

Jimi ‘The Welder’

Daniel, Jose, the Pastor, and cousins

Jonathan Frank

Joe Ebner



So get your summer started and stop by ShoreRider! It’s kid and dog friendly (as long as they don’t pee on the floor) and has a full menu of beach-eats including poke, nachos, wraps, guacamole, fresh salads, handcrafted burgers and more. Check out their expansive menu here.


With so much heart and soul going into ShoreRider, it’s “shore” to be a summer-loving good time!




2168 Avenida De La Playa (199 steps from the beach)

La Jolla, CA





Open daily -11am – Close