A couple of months ago we wrote a blog about the state of Direct-to-Consumer beer delivery and how its future was uncertain here in CA due to pressure from wholesalers. Now we need your help to protect the state laws that are in place and support SB 1198. Here is information from the San Diego Brewers Guild on how you can support your local craft brewers:

We need your voice to support SB 1198 (McGuire). This bill would protect the longstanding privileges of the craft beer industry to continue to ship beer Direct-to-Consumer (DtC). Without this legislation, beer clubs could be forced to shut down and beer tourism would come to halt.

The bill will be heard in the Assembly GO committee on June 22nd and it is critical that your representatives hear from you and know you want them to support this bill.  The beer and beverage distributors have already voiced their opposition to this bill.

California’s breweries have always had the ability to ship DtC by state law. However, our current state law treats in-state breweries differently than out-of-state breweries. Under the Supreme Court’s 2005 Granholm v. Heald opinion, a state cannot constitutionally allow in-state producers to ship directly to consumers while denying that same right to out-of-state brewers. This inequity in treatment poses a significant legal risk to California’s craft beer industry and CCBA seeks to harmonize state law with federal law to protect our existing privileges.

What To Do

  1. Simply visit this website: https://www.localjobslocalbeer.com/
  2. Click on the appropriate description (ie: “I am a Brewery Owner / Operator/Craft Beer Enthusiast”)
  3. Fill out the form. Please be sure to include the name of your brewery if you are affiliated with one but we still want to hear from you if you don’t work for a brewery. All support helps!
  4. Click Submit
  5. Share this website with your network

Your voices are critical to the CCBA’s legislative effort, and we will be continuing to update you with additional Action Alerts as these bills move through the legislative process. Questions? Contact [email protected].