Summer is in full swing and we are releasing the second IPA in our Essential IPA Series this week. Say a tearful goodbye to Got Nelson? and hello to Tropic Daze IPA!

We like to think of Tropic Daze IPA as an island oasis in your glass. With flavors of fresh-cut, juicy pineapple, pink guava, nectarines, passion fruit, and zested pomelo this 7% IPA is one for all your senses.  After one sip, you’ll feel the cool, ocean breeze on your face and the sand in your toes.  It’s the perfect addition to any staycation or afternoon at the pool.

This is the second IPA in our Essential IPA Series that will be housed in our sweet, Argyle can. We love to have fun and experiment with packaging and that is front and center with this can design. From the fresh, argyle pattern to the playful color scheme, we hope it stands out from the pack. For people wanting more information on which hop profile is in their Essential IPA, they can head to our page, to get any additional info for the beer. As always, if you aren’t sure which beer you have, just flip it over and see the name printed on the bottom. For people picking up six-packs, all the Tropic Daze six-pack holders are baby blue, like the perfect sky under which to enjoy this refreshing beer.

“The Essential IPA can is a game-changer by allowing our IPAs to evolve with hop availability and our ever-changing palates.” Dennis O’Connor, Thorn’s CEO and co-founder said. “If you like fresh, these IPAs are your best bet.”

Want more of the Argyle? We also have these sweet Essential IPA Series socks available for $10 at both tasting rooms and in our online store.

tropic daze socks thorn brewing

Tropic Daze is now available throughout San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles, so grab yourself an essential six-pack today!